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Should J. K. Rowling Stop Talking About Harry Potter?


There’s been a lot of talk about J. K. Rowling these last couple of months – okay let’s get real, there’s always a lot of talk about J. K. Rowling, but this year there’s been even more talk than usual, and with good reason. With the premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the release of the script, along with the excitement about the new Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them movie it makes sense that Rowling has spent so much time  in the spotlight lately. Let’s not forget the Harry Potter illustrated editions, the second one is being released this Tuesday I believe; even nine years after the release of the last book and five years after the last movie Harry Potter is everywhere.

There’s been a lot of complaints lately on social media and news sites, and I get it, a lot of people are tired of hearing about Harry Potter and they want Rowling to stop talking about it. But here’s the thing: I’m not sure she’d be able to stop even if she wanted to.

I get that people are tired of Rowling making headlines every time she makes a tweet and I agree that her tweet aren’t always interesting, but when she uses her twitter to give new information about the world of Harry Potter it is almost always because a fan asked her a question, and she answers. Are we going to fault her for taking time to interact with her fans? Or for writing a series of books with such complex and interesting characters and plots that has managed to keep fans interested even to this day? Rowling’s writing was so brilliant that it still makes people discover new clues and details when they reread the books, which is the reason people are still talking about it.

This woman spent at least 15 years writing the first seven Harry Potter books, during that time she created a whole new world and hundreds of new characters, all with backstories that couldn’t all fit into the books. As a writer I can tell you that to write a good story with realistic, well-rounded characters you need to know everything about them, even if you’re not going to use all the information for the book you’re writing you need to keep all this in mind while you’re writing. It is very generous of her to share all this extra information on Pottermore, and yes, it is possible for Rowling to know all of these little details about her characters without having to make them up on the spot.

I applaud J. K. Rowling for giving her readers so much insight into the world she created and I don’t think anyone ought to give her such a hard time for that. Now, if we could get the news media to report about something a little more interesting than Rowling’s twitter activity that would be great 😉


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