Bookish Accessories

Bookish Jewelry From Royal Lemon Creations

I, like so many other bookworms I know, am a sucker for bookish decorations and accessories. I’ve been wanting to subscribe to one of those monthly bookish subscription boxes for ages, (you know those boxes containing one or two novels plus art prints, jewelry or other kinds of book-inspired stuff), but I keep putting it off. Today my first piece of bookish jewelry arrived, sent from my friend in England.


Take a look at this simple but beautiful charm bracelet inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It’s got a teapot, a flamingo, a clock, a key, a cake, and a mushroom. No matter if you’ve read the book or only seen the movie you’ll immediately think of Alice in Wonderland when you see these items put together.

Like I said, this bracelet was made by my friend in England, and her brand is called Royal Lemon Creations. All her items come with the cutest Royal Lemon sticker, and my friend was kind enough to send me an extra one. She definitely has one of the most adorable logos I’ve ever seen.

Check out some of her other work below:

From left to right: Super Mario-inspired charms that can be used for jewelry or keychains, an Alice in Wonderland-inspired cheshire cat necklace, and an “I’m late” necklace inspired by the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

To purchase any of these items or to find more Royal Lemon Creations go to the Royal Lemon Facebook page.


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